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We both are freelance writers. David is East Coast Editor for Tasting Panel Magazine, The SOMM Journal and Clever Root Magazines. Melanie is a contributor to Wine4Food.com, The Epoch Times, Jewish Week, Wine Enthusiast and Seven Fifty Daily, Sante among others. Here are examples of our published articles on wine, spirits, food and travel. For Melanie’s published articles on health and wellness visit www.melanieyoung.com.


November 2018

The Legalities of Hosting a Drinks Event

In this article for Seven Fifty Daily Melanie interviewed lawyers and event planners to discuss the legal aspects of hosting a drinks party. It is a must-read for anyone working in beverage alcohol or serving it.  Click here


Kentucky Spirit: A Brief History of Bourbon and Its All-American Legacy

The Epoch Times September 12, 2019

Kentucky is frequently called “The Bluegrass State,” referring to a species of pasture grass you can see driving along the country roads (as opposed to a particular style of music). However, in food and drink circles, Kentucky is better known as “The Birthplace of Bourbon.” 

Also known as Kentucky Straight Whiskey, this smooth, caramel-colored spirit is a source of pride to the locals and a vibrant part of Kentucky’s heritage and economy. Read more here: Kentucky Bourbon- Melanie Young- The Epoch Times

Bourbon Whiskey Neat in a Glass (Shuttershock)


Biscuit Diaries: A Transplanted Southerner’s Quest for Her Ideal Biscuit 

The Epoch Times June 12, 2019

Ask any homesick Southerner living north of the Mason-Dixon line—like me—what food they miss most, and the answer will probably be “real biscuits.” Biscuits are as closely tied to the Deep South as sweet tea and magnolia blossoms. Read more here: Biscuit Diaries-Melanie Young-The Epoch Times


January 2019 Fine Food Quarterly


Read full article here


June 2018




Food as medicine 2.0: Why doctors are switching their lab coats for chef’s jackets


Photos: Pixabay

While many doctors are trained to use a scalpel, far fewer are professionally proficient with a chef’s knife. Some aren’t even comfortable discussing how diet and nutrition can help their patients. But that’s changing as more physicians, medical residents, nurses and other healthcare professionals are learning culinary medicine, which combines evidence-based nutrition science and hands-on cooking classes, giving them the knowledge to help people transform their health through their diets.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” said Hippocrates, the Greek physician known as the “father of medicine.” But it took until the 21st century for his philosophy to germinate. Read on to learn more https://mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?i=556011&p=&pn=#{“issue_id”:556011,”numpages”:1,”page”:28}about food’s evolving function. link

May 2018  Sante Magazine Sante Magazine Spring 2018

Read the entire article here

Val D’Orcia: Italy’s Most Beautiful Wine Region You May Never Have Heard Of



Read full article here:  





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Read this article here





Read full article here. Click this link



Barbecue is practically a religion in the South. In this article for Wine4Food, Melanie explores BBQ culture with author Matt Moore (The South’s Best Butts) and what wines to pair with ‘cue.





Legend has it, there’s a spirited woman behind the inspiration of the Margarita cocktail. But which woman?  Melanie’s article for Cinco de Mayo.





Want some ponters or visiting Peru? Check out this article in Wine4Food.










Learn more about special appeal of grower champagnes and meet a few producers who happen to be women. Melanie’s article in Wine4Food (March 2018)




Read full article here:



Chablis is not just “any Chardonnay.” Melanie explores its unique terroir and allure in Wine4Food (January 2018).




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Women are driving the market for wine sales. So, it’s no wonder more women are selling wine. Meet some of the nation’s must-visit women-owned wine shops around the USA in this two-part series in Wine4Food. (December 2017)




Read full article here



Melanie continues her search for women-owned wine stores, this time in the NY region. Wine4Food (January 2018).




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Melanie reports on the wines of Valpolicella in this article Wine4Food (November 2017)




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Melanie shares her impressions on the alluring and complex flavors of Spanish Sherry in Wine4Food (November 2017).




Read full article here.



Melanie takes you the New York State’s Apple Belt to learn about Hard Cider in Wine4Food (Noovember 2017).




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Txakoli, the bright lemony-spritzy white wine from the Basque country of Spain, is a local tradition on the tapas bar circuit. But these days, savvy sommeliers have taken notice. Read Melanie’s article in Wine4Food (October 2017)




Read full article here



Melanie interviews hospitality industry locals about their favorite handouts in Healdsburg, California in Wine4Food (September 2017).




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The Loire Valley is the second oldest A.O.C. (appellation d’origine controllée, ie the name given to the area of origin) after Chateauneuf-du-Pape, and the largest A.O.C. for white wine production. While other white grape varieties flourish in the Loire, seventy-five percent of what is grown here is Sauvignon Blanc. Read Melanie’s story in Wine4Food. (August 2017)




Read full article here



In this article for Wine4Food, Melanie explores the many outstanding sparkling wines in Italy beyond Prosecco. (July 2017)




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Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier are the three grapes of Champagne. While the first two attract more attention, a small group of grower producers is staging a “coming out” for Pinot Meunier. Read Melanie’s article in Wine4Food (July 2017)




Read full article here



All visits to Seattle usually start at Pike Place Market but the dining adventure is everywhere. Read Slurping in Seattle by Melanie Young in Wine4Food.com (June 2017)




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You don’t have to travel far from Seattle to taste some of Washington State’s award-winning wines. Read Melanie’s article on visiting Woodinville Wine Country in Wine4Food. (June 2017)




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Melanie’s explains different regions and styles of Rioja wines in Wine4Food.com (May 2017).




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Melanie explores “Off the Beaten Trail Wineries in Napa Valley” in Wine4Food (April 2017).




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Melanie’s starts her Napa Valley in “A Town Called Napa” Wine4Food (April 2017)




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Melanie’s explored Lebanese wines in Wine4food (March 2017).




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Melanie’s profiles Eileen Crane, CEO/Winemaker, Domaine Carneros, in Wine4Food (March 2017)




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Melanie’s article on New Orleans “Bucket List Sips” Cocktails in Wine4Food (March 2017).




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Melanie’s article on Five Historic French Quarter Bars and Their Signature Cocktails in Wine4Food (February 2017)




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Melanie’s article on Methode Champagnoise Sparkling Wines Around the World in Wine4Food (February 2017)




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Melanie’s article on the Modern Women Who Run Champagne Brands in Wine4Food (January 2017)




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Melanie’s article on  the historic winemaking region of Georgia in Wine4Food (January 2017)




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Melanie’s article on Prosecco Superiore DOCG in Wine4food (December 2017)




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May 2017







Read entire article here



Melanie’s article on cooking with Aquafaba in Fine Food Biz, September 2017





Read article here: LINK



The James Beard Awards: An Insider Explains How It All Began



The year was 1990. The Quilted Giraffe was serving caviar-filled beggars purses. Restaurant-goers were learning that “tapas bars” and “topless bars” were different destinations. The American Culinary Revolution led by Alice Waters, Jeremiah Tower, Larry Forgione, Jonathan Waxman, and Michael McCarty was in full swing. There was no Food Network. Tweeting was for the birds.

The first iteration of the James Beard Award medal, affectionally nicknamed “the Joker.” “Fortunately,” Young says, “Mr. Beard had a facelift to the more elegant bronze medallion in following years.”

In various locations around New York — including my apartment — plans for the first James Beard Foundation Awards were underway. I served as the awards director from 1990 to 2006, working with the Foundation to create the awards structure and programs, secure sponsorship, produce the events, and manage countless other moving parts that took a year to plan. It was a small group in the beginning that included a few hired staff and many volunteers.

We all knew the Awards were going to generate a lot of attention. In an Eater article last year, then-Restaurant Awards Committee Chair Providence Cicero, who was not part of the original committee, commented that “an effort of complete transparency” started in 2006 under new Foundation leadership. But transparency was important from the start. Now, as tonight’s James Beard Awards ceremony marks the 25th anniversary of the program’s launch, it’s the opportune moment to share the story of how the Awards were started and how they’ve been shaped over time.


Read full article here

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