Meet the Founding Father of New World Cooking

We love celebrating America’s Independence Day and hope you enjoyed as well. We wondered what the Founding Fathers drank to toast the signing of the Declaration of Independence. We’ve seen a number of references to Madeira.  Founding Father and First President George Washington owned a large distillery.Patrick Henry owned a tavern. Thomas Jefferson collected fine wines. And according this article in Modern Drunkard they all enjoyed imbibing. Surfing the internet we stumbled upon the Founding Fathers Bar in Buffalo, named one ofEsquire Magazine’s “Best Bars in America.” These days some high end whiskies are as difficult to find as tickets to “Hamilton.” We’ll leave you with this thought from BFFF – Benjamin -Founding Father -Franklin:

July 6 2pmET on The Connected Table LIVE! at W4CY Radio

He’s been called the “Founding Father of New World Cuisine.”

The late Charlie Trotter called him “The Walt Whitman of American Cuisine.”

Smithsonian Magazine said about him, “Before the celebrity chef craze and before the start of Food Network, Norman Van Aken was starting a revolution.

He was doing something unheard of at the time, taking local ethnic flavors, merging them together at restaurants where he worked.”

He started a movement that led to mainstream. Now “fusion cooking” is part of our everyday culinary vernacular. Chef, Restaurateur, Mentor and Poet of New World fusion cooking Norman Van Aken joins us July 6, 2pm ET. We’ll discuss his career, his books and his many next chapters which include a cooking school in Miami (In the Kitchen with Norman Van Aken), a new restaurant in Mount Dora outside Orlando (1921 by Norman Van Aken), a sixth cookbook, “My Florida Kitchen,” with wife, Janet, plus his weekly NPR radio show, “A Word on Food.”

Norman Van Aken
Norman Van Aken joins The Connected Table LIVE! July 6

First tasting Norman’s food was more than a revolution; it was a revelation for Melanie who says, “Until Norman Van Aken, my only memories of dining out in Florida were limited to awful early bird specials while visiting my grandparents in the late 1970s and early 80s. It was, indeed, a New World for me to taste his food and it opened my world to new flavors and an appreciation for a type of fusion cooking that I had never experienced before.”

Listen to our show with Norman anytime on and the iHeart. Here’s the link to his episode.

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Did you miss last week’s show with George Sandeman, Sandeman Port, and our Summer Fancy Food Show roundup with Bonnie Tandy Leblang, Here’s the link

Books by Norman Van Aken. Shop now on




Harlem’s Queen of Comfort Food: Melba Wilson


“The way I see it,” says Melba Wilson, “Soul food is the foundation of American comfort food.”

She’d know. For Melba, a Harlem native, or as she likes to say “I am Harlem born, bred, and buttered,” owns one of  most influential soul food restaurants in New York City’s most exciting dining neighborhood, aptly named Melba’s.

Like many children, she grew up watching her mother and grandomother cook and learned to love food, and soul food, in the process. But, Melba actually went into marketing and sales after school, anything from cosmetics to limo driving, finally entering the restaurant business on a lark when the great Sylvia Woods, Harlem’s Queen of Soul Food and owner of the world famous Sylvia’s, called and asked Melba to spearhead the 25th anniversary of the restaurant.

Melba did such a good job that Sylvia offered her a postion at the restaurant, starting her love affair with the hospitality business and eventually leading to her opening her own place.

Melba’s, on the corner of 114th St and Frederick Douglas Blvd

Opened in 2005, Melba’s was an almost overnight success, with a family style menu that as Melba likes to say, “blends my Carolina heritage (her family is from South Carolina), with a dash of extra spice, a little urban edge, a taste of the melting pot, and a few ‘dee-lish’ twists.” It’s also been covered regularly in foodie magazines, and Melba even “Beat Bobby Flay” with her fried chicken recipe, now renamed Throwdown Chicken in honor of that accomplishment.

Fried Chicken and Waffles


Comfort Food’s reigning authority, Melba Wilson joins us to talk about her passion and new cookbook Melba’s American Comfort (Atria Books) on The Connected Table LIVE Wednesday May 18th at 2:00pmET.

melba book cover_240x340_67
#1 seller in biscuits and muffins. Click book cover photo for link to purchase.


Cookbook Eat Explore

Meet the Golden Girl of Persia

There’s just something about the name “Persia” that seduces us. We are drawn to the flavors and aromas. Mint, cumin, cinnamon, oranges, pomegranates, dates and honey are ingredients we

like add to many of our everyday dishes. Aside from Melanie’s coming of age tour to Israel as a teenager, we’ve only traveled to the Middle East by way of our palates and the few restaurants we’ve experienced here in the USA. One of our favorites is recent JBF Award Winner Shaya in New Orleans.

Learn more about Sabrina Ghayour at
Learn more about Sabrina Ghayour at

Lucky for us a book entitled, “SIROCCO: Fabulous Flavors form The Middle East” by Sabrina Ghayour transports us and offers us new ways to accent our food at home. Dubbed “the golden girl of Persian cooking,” Sabrina is a self-taught cook, food writer and host of the popular Sabrina’s Kitchen Club in London. Her first book was “Persiana: Recipes from the Middle East & Beyond.” In SIROCCO Sabrina draws on her Iranian

heritage and features dishes with a modern twist integrating African spices and Mediterranean staples.



A sirocco is a hot, dry wind that blows from northern Africa through the Mediterranean and southern Europe. Sabrina’s SIROCCO spreads the fragrant flavors of this region throughout her recipes.

Lamb Shank Tagine
Lamb Shank Tagine
Butternut Squash, Feta, Pesto
Butternut Squash, Feta, Pesto


Buy SIROCCO here and experience the flavors of the Middle East for yourself.




Betony’s Chef Bryce Shuman – Life Outside “The Park”

Betony, 41 West 57th Street in NYC

Restaurants come (and go) at a pretty fast clip in New York City, one of the world’s great dining capitals. Some do so without much fanfare, some do so with lots of it. Betony, which opened in 2013 in midtown Manhattan, is one of the latter.

The brainchild of Chef Bryce Shuman and partner Eamon Rockey, who oversees the front of the house, Betony was


an immediate hit with diners and critics alike, receiving three stars from the New York Times, and won the title of Esquire Magazine’s Restaurant of the Year honor its first year, a Michelin star in 2015, and in 2016, a Beard Awards nomination for Best New Restaurant.

Best New Chefs Class of 2015, Shuman Seated in front


Shuman, a North Carolina native who had honed his skills under Wolfgang Puck’s team at Postrio in San Francisco and then under Daniel Humm at Eleven Madison Park, was also thrust into the realm of NYC’s chef cognoscenti, and was tapped as one of Food & Wine Magazine’s Best New Chefs in 2015.

Betony’s cuisine is at once comforting and very sophisticated, a stylistic ode perhaps to Shuman’s six years at Eleven Madison, where Humm’s cuisine bears some of the same characteristics. Yet, Betony’s menu is clearly all Shuman, who seems happy to delve into culinary ingredient esoterica, and take more chances with pairing differing elements in his dishes.12417588_833804730078605_8696419413190507105_n

That is not to say that his menu creations are in any way weird or strange, they are far from it, blending flavors into beautifully presented dishes that seem to feed all the senses at once. Yet, through them, one senses a freedom that may not be attainable in a restaurant where 3 Michelin stars were granted, and must be maintained.

And that’s the charm of Betony, and Chef Shuman’s slightly more human view of what sophisticated New York City dining should be.


Melanie and David are the Insatiably Curious Culinary Couple
Melanie and David are the Insatiably Curious Culinary Couple


Bryce Shuman joins The Connected Table LIVE! on Wednesday April 6, 2016 to discuss his restaurant, path to the top, and if we’re really lucky, maybe even why he collects Analog Synthesizers in his spare time.

Twitter: @betonyNYC


Instagram: @BetonyNYC


Chef Marcus Samuelsson- Pushing Boundaries; Uniting Cultures


With almost two dozen restaurants scattered throughout the U.S., Bermuda, and across Scandinavia, a handful of cookbooks, and a growing list of media and philanthropic interests, Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s reach in the culinary world crosses multi-cultural boundaries

RR HS by Monika Sziladi

Born in Ethiopia, adopted and raised in Sweden, from an early age Marcus was taught to appreciate and respect food by parents who were driven to instill those values in their children.

“I feel like I’ve been cooking all my life,” he says. “Growing up, my sisters Anna and Linda and I spent summers in Smögen, on the west coast of Sweden. Every morning I went fishing with my dad, Lennart, and my uncles. We caught crayfish, lobsters, and mackerel, and often smoked and preserved the catch. My grandmother, Helga, would gather us in the kitchen to teach us how to pickle fresh vegetables, and make meatballs, ginger snaps, cookies, and apple jam. These experiences taught me to love and appreciate fresh and local food.”


The Skinny on Corned Beef & Cabbage


While doing our research for Our March 16th radio show, we learned that the traditional St. Patrick’s day dish of corned beef and cabbage is really a Jewish specialty. New York City’s Irish working class  frequented nearby Jewish delis and food carts. Corned beef and cabbage was a flavorful and cheaper alternative to Irish bacon and potatoes, and was quickly adopted as their own. You can read more at TheKitchn.

As for the “skinny” part of corned beef and cabbage, that may sound like a bunch of blarney, but there are some healthy options. Cabbage is nutrient dense. That’s good. Trim the fat on your brisket.  Better.  We found this great homemade recipe from Wellness Mama. Click through for her nitrite free version of corned beef made from grass fed brisket


Wellness Mama’s Nitrite Free Corned Beef Recipe


“What butter and whiskey will not cure, there’s no cure for.”- Irish proverb

You’d have to be living under a rock not to know Irish whiskey is hot! There are more brands now than ever in the marketplace, and more diversity in the whiskies being made, both established distilleries and startups, due to a new generation of distillers who are leading the charge in experimentation and quality. And the world, ever in search of new flavor profiles to learn about and enjoy, has taken notice.

Jessamine McLellan
Jessamine McLellan

We’ll delve into a dram or two with the Mistress of Midleton, Jessamine McLellan, who after many years working in the bar business, now acts as the Ambassador for the Single Pot Still Whiskies from Pernod Ricard, owner and marketer of such iconic brands as Jameson, Redbreast, John Powers, and of course, Midleton itself, one of the great whiskies of the world.

single pot still

A wealth of information on Irish Whiskey and its storied history, Jessamine will help us get a better understanding of this great spirit, and maybe even help us unravel the mystery of just what “Single Pot Stilled” means! Tune in at 2pm EST to listen and make sure you have a glass of something ready to sip on and preferably Irish.

This soup reinterprets the Irish classic ‘colcannon’, a dish that is made of mashed potatoes and kale or cabbage. From "Clodagh's Irish Kitchen'" Recipe
This soup reinterprets the Irish classic ‘colcannon’, a dish that is made of mashed potatoes and kale or cabbage. From “Clodagh’s Irish Kitchen.”  Recipe

The modern Irish food scene is a far cry from corned beef and cabbage. Restaurateur, Chef and Cookbook Author Clodagh McKenna, shares some of her favorite recipes from her native Ireland and and shares her contemporary twist on classics.

Clodagh McKenna
Clodagh McKenna

Melanie first met Clodagh when she cooked at a Les Dames d’Escoffier dinner. This gregarious chef is the author of five best-selling cookery books, which include ‘Clodagh’s Irish Kitchen’ and ‘Homemade’. She is a familiar face on TV in Ireland (Fresh from the Farmers’ Market) and is resident chef on TV3’s Ireland AM.  Her restaurant, Clodagh’s Kitchen, is located on the second floor of Arnott’s Department Store in Dublin.

Clodagh is author of 5 best selling cookbooks
Clodagh is author of 5 best selling cookbooks

Clodagh created the menu aboard Aer Lingus’s transatlantic flights. She’s also US ambassador for KerryGold (Is there any better butter?) David’s been on a bread baking streak. We’re fans of Clodagh’s dense health loaf and love a toasted slice with a bit of butter. Recipe.

Clodagh's health loaf
Clodagh’s health loaf


Speaking of Irish toast:

There are good ships,
and there are wood ships,
The ships that sail the sea.
But the best ships, are friendships,
And may they always be.

Both Jessamine McLellan and Clodagh McKenna are guests on the March 16th edition of The Connected Table LIVE! The Connected Table LIVE airs Wednesday, 2pm EST on Shows are available to listen and download anytime on and iHeart App.  Find The Connected Table LIVE under Shows and Personalities. Episodes are filed by the names of our guests, and we encourage you to re-post and share. Here is a cut and paste link:

Melanie and David are the Insatiably Curious Culinary Couple
Melanie and David are the Insatiably Curious Culinary Couple

A Clever New Magazine Covering Cannabis and a Global Tea Ambassador- March 9- The Connected Table LIVE!

You asked. We listened!

We’re excited to announce The Connected Table® Sips on, our podcast series to provide more ways to spotlight people, brands and initiatives in the industry separately from our live show. The five minute podcasts are recorded, and guests can call in from anywhere in the world. They can be used for digital marketing & social media and will remain permanently on and the iHeart app. For information please shoot us an email:

March 8 is International Women’s Day!

Here’s some kitchen wisdom from one of our favorite women in food.

This Week on The Connected Table LIVE

March 9, 2pm EST we continue our salute to women in the industry as part of National Women’s History Month. Joining us is Meridith May, the dynamic Editorial Director and Publisher of The Tasting Panel Magazine, The SOMM Journal and The Clever Root. Meredith’s journalism career spans both print (Santa Barbara News Press) and radio (KIIS-FM & KLSX, Los Angeles, and KEYT, Santa Barbara).She joined Patterson’s Beverage Journal in 2000 as Senior Editor and advanced to Associate Publisher and Editor-in-Chief.

Meridith May
Meridith May, Editorial Director and Publisher, Tasting Panel Magazine, The SOMM Journal and The Clever Root
Eat Explore

Voyage To Alaska with Kirsten and Mandy Dixon

To be honest, we had to look up Tutka Bay on the map. FYI: it’s in Alaska.

Tutka Bay Lodge is located nine ocean miles from the charming seaside community of Homer, Alaska, along the Kachemak Bay. Access to the lodge is by a twenty-five minute water taxi south across the bay from Homer. Along the way, you might observe various shore and water birds, sea otters, sometimes Orcas, Humpbacks and other marine mammals.

That said, it was with pleasure that we did so. For when “The Tutka Bay Lodge Cookbook” came across our desk and we started flipping through the pages of this wonderful tome, we knew that not only did we want to know more about it, but we also needed to find a way to get its authors, the mother/daughter culinary team of Kirsten and Mandy Dixon, on our show.

Drink Eat

A Super Week For Restaurants & Food Delivery Feb. 7-14

Restaurants will score well this week starting with Super Bowl Sunday February 7 and ending with Valentine’s Day February 14 with Chinese New Year (starts Feb. 8) and Mardi Gras (culminating Feb. 9) in between. A few statistics we found:

On Super Bowl Sunday Americans will consume
1.3 billion chicken wings
278 million avocados
325 million gallons of beer
11.2 million pounds of potato chips
and 31% will order takeout
Source: (2/6/2016)

Check out this classic guacamole recipes from Avocados from Mexico
Check out this classic guacamole recipes from Avocados from Mexico

Restaurant and retail spending for Chinese New Year exceeds Thanksgiving: Last year Americans spent around $60 billion during the four-day Thanksgiving holiday. In contrast the week of Chinese New Year generated nearly $100 billion for Chinese shops and restaurants. Source: World Economic Forum (Nov. 2015)

Chef Chris Cheung's dumplings and potstickers (photo:Leslie Brienza)
East Wind Snack Shop Chef Chris Cheung‘s dumplings and potstickers (photo:Leslie Brienza)

Mardi Gras generates $850 million annually for the City of New Orleans. 500,00 King Cakes will be sold and 50,000 shipped out of state. Source: New Orleans CVB

King Cake from Manny Randazzo Bakery in New Orleans
King Cake from Manny Randazzo Bakery in New Orleans

Valentine’s Day is the second most popular holiday for dining out after Mother’s Day with one-quarter of Americans making reservations. 31% of adults favor restaurant gift cards as Valentine’s Day gifts.Source: National Restaurant Association (2/3/2013).

Respondents indicated that the top three factors in selecting a restaurant for Valentine's Day are positive reviews (34%), romantic ambience (27 %) and service (16%).
Respondents in a National Restaurant Association Survey indicated that the top three factors in selecting a restaurant for Valentine’s Day are positive reviews (34%), romantic ambience (27 %) and service (16%). Restaurant Business Magazine

Has Amanda Cohen Ever Met A Vegetable She Didn’t Like?

New York City has seen its fair share of vegetarian restaurants over the years, like Zen Palate, Blossom, Candle Cafe and Angelica Kitchen, but none have ever garnered the accolades that Amanda Cohen’s Dirt Candy has. Opened in 2008 with only 18 seats, Dirt Candy wasn’t just a fresh look at how to create a meat free menu, it was more like the Le Bernardin of vegetarian cooking: a veritable temple to the possibilities of where one can take a chef’s chosen medium, in this case vegetables, in the kitchen.

Great balls of veggie bread! These chewy puffy, pick apart rolls are serve as a side at Dirty Candy
Great balls of veggie bread! These chewy puffy, pick apart rolls are serve as a side at Dirt Candy

When it was reviewed, finally – after four years, by Pete Wells of The New York Times (he, like Leonardo DiCaprio, probably couldn’t get a reservation), Dirt Candy got a glowing review and two stars. Later, the Michelin Guide took notice. the restaurant expanded to a large location on the Lower East Side with plenty of seating and counter space to feed NYC’s growing population of healthy minded restaurant goers. Address:  86 Allen Street (212) 228-7732 Twitter@dirtcandynyc

Portobello mousse with Asian pearsand truffle toast at Dirt Candy
Portobello mousse with Asian pears and truffle toast at Dirt Candy
All of it comes from the energetic mind of Amanda Cohen, a Canadian by birth, who has, in the process of creating a restaurant based on vegetables, also bucked most of the stereotypes associated with that concept, like using organic vegetables, sourcing only from farmers markets, and eschewing the use of dairy and eggs in her dishes. She does none of those, choosing instead to focus on making sure that what she creates in her professional kitchen, while certainly more labor intensive and admittedly intricate than similar dishes one may cook at home, can at least be done so from supermarket ingredients if need be, and without scouring the far reaches of the earth to find the perfect purple carrot.
Chef/Restaurateur Amanda Cohen
Chef/Restaurateur Amanda Cohen, Dirt Candy

Amanda calls Dirt Candy an all vegetable restaurant  versus vegetarian. Dirt Candy appeals to vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers alike. It’s just that good and you want to try every dish. Rephrasing something Amanda says in her comic book cookbook, “Dirt Candy: A Cookbook,” “It’s about saying “yes” to vegetables versus saying “no” to meat. In fact, Amanda does eat meat. But has she met a vegetable she doesn’t like? Listen to our January 13th show with Amanda at this iHeartRadio Link




Purchase Amanda’s cookbook now and find out how her sense of humor is as fabulous as her cooking.


The Wizard of Cheese- MaxMcCalman

Some people crave chocolate. Others love smoky bacon. Admittedly, I go weak at the knees over cheese. My love for cheese is so intense that at home David often hides the cheese from me. Once I start slathering a runny Camembert over toasted pieces of baguette, slivering Stilton to pair with my pears, putting slices of English Cheddar with a crisp country apple or shaving Parmigiano-Reggiano over my pasta, I cannot stop. I’m crazy for all goat cheeses, especially in a salad chevre chaud. I’ll take a few pieces of cheese with my wine at the end of a meal over anything sweet.

Yes, I smile for cheese. I break for a snack of cheese, nuts and fruit. But I haven’t learn to put on the brakes eating too much cheese in a sitting. “Moderation!” I remind myself. But, hey! It’s the holidays and my birthday. I love giving and receiving cheese as gifts, especially cheeses that someone may not have tried.  When people visit our home and ask “What can we bring?” We answer with three choices: ” an artisan cheese, dark chocolate or Champagne.”

For that reason and many more, we’ve invited the Wizard of Cheese, Max McCalman, to join us at The Connected Table LIVE December 30th. I first met Max when he created the widely lauded cheese presentation at Picholine Restaurant in 1995 in New York City.  Back then, a stop at the restaurant’s tiny bar for a small plate of cheese and glass of wine was my treat before attending the Met Opera or NYC Ballet across the street at Lincoln Center. Later in 2001 Max opened the cheese-centric restaurant, Artisinal, with Chef Terrence Brennan and the giant Artisinal Cheese Center on Manhattan’s West Side in 2003. I remember attending a James Beard Foundation Awards party there and patting baby goats.

Max McCalman
Max McCalman

Max is a sought after cheese expert by top cheese makers, distributors, restaurants, retailers and end consumers. He is author of four acclaimed books on the subject of cheese: “The Cheese Plate;” “Cheese, a Connoisseur’s Guide to the World’s Best;” “Mastering Cheese, Lessons for Connoisseurship from a Maître Fromager;” and “Max McCalman’s Swatchbook of Wine & Cheese Pairings.”










Max is a Maître Fromager as designated by the Guilde Internationale des Fromagers de St. Uguzon and is a Cavaleiro in the Confraria dos Viños do Porto. He won an award for Entrepreneur from l’Esprit Alimentaire Française, and an Odyssey Award for Lifetime Achievement from Hendrix College. Max has been an active member of the American Cheese Society since 1996 and was one of the founders of its Certified Cheese Professional program launched in 2004 – a program which helped to revolutionize cheese education in the United States.


Max’s expertise has led him to be a  judge in U.S. and world cheese competitions and in the Sofi Awards. He presents seminars at conferences, festivals, culinary schools, and on cruise ships. He is also a guest educator for cheese-themed tours for Cheese Journeys and, as of 2015, serves on the faculty at Institute for Culinary Education. He is a contributing editor to Cheese Connoisseur and Deli Business magazines. Connect and follow:  Twitter@maitrefromager  – posted by Melanie Young

The Connected Table LIVE airs Wednesdays, 2pmEST on and is podcast to and the iHeart App. Here is the cut and paste link:

Follow us on Twitter@connectedtable and Facebook/TheConnectedTable
Follow us on Twitter@connectedtable and Facebook/TheConnectedTable

Baking a Difference- Hot Bread Kitchen’s Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez

Wandering through the Union Square Greenmarket in New York City, you’ll discover a stand with a range of international breads made by a community of women who work at Hot Bread Kitchen in East Harlem.

Hot Bread Kitchen is more than just baking great breads. It’s about building lives, fighting poverty and changing the food landscape. This not-for-profit builds lasting economic security for low-income, immigrant and minority individuals by creating pathways to professional opportunities for women and men in the culinary industry. Its programs include employer-driven workforce development and business incubation programs, Bakers in Training and HBK Incubates.


But back to the breads. They raise important dough to make a difference in the lives of others: 67% of Hot Bread Kitchen’s operating budget is funded through the sale of multi-ethnic breads and rental of commercial kitchen space.

The bread-winner behind Hot Bread Kitchen is Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez, a native of Ontario who moved to New York to pursue a Master Baker Certificate at The New School. She became the first female baker at Daniel Boulud’s eponymous restaurant.  Along the way, she nurtured her other passion of supporting human rights, education and immigration issues, eventually leaving Daniel to work at various positions that address them, including the United Nations.

Jessamyn Rodriguez Headshot Jennifer May
Jessamyn Rodriguez. Photo Credit: Jennifer May

In 2007, Jessamyn opened Hot Bread Kitchen, out of her apartment (where many great NYC businesses get their start!). Her mission was to train low-income immigrant and minority women in the baking arts to help open doors for them in the culinary industry. Hot Bread Kitchen’s assortment of breads can be found at leading retailers like Whole Foods and Dean & Deluca in addition to Union Square Greenmarket. There is also an online store.

For her work Jessamyn has received numerous awards and accolades, including the Global Citizen Award from the Clinton Global Initiative, Crain’s “40 Under 40,” and was named one of the “Most Innovative Women in Food” by Food and Wine Magazine in 2015.


Most recently she published  “The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook,” (Clarkson Potter) which has been named 2015 Cookbook of the Year by Yahoo Food. This beautifully photographed book is filled with recipes for Hot Bread Kitchen’s bounty of breads and stories of the people who bake them.

David Ransom and Melanie Young, The Insatiably Curious Culinary Couple. Follow: Twitter@connectedtable Facebook/theconnectedtable
David Ransom and Melanie Young, The Insatiably Curious Culinary Couple. Follow: Twitter@connectedtable Facebook/theconnectedtable

We break bread with Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez Wednesday, December 23, 2pmET on The Connected Table LIVE on W4CY to our show on Wednesday Dec 23, 2015 to talk about her work, her platform, and her delicious book. Podcasts for this show will be available on and the iHeart App.


Twitter@hotbreadkitchen  Facebook/hotbreadkitchen  Cookbook hashtag: #HBKCookbook

Website: www.hotbreadkitchen.org (if people buy the book through our site they receive a copy signed by Jessamyn)

Selections the Hot Bread Kitchen online store

Trio of ryes
Trio of ryes
Flatbreads from around the world
Flatbreads from around the world
Moro ccan M’smen
Moroccan M’smen