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The How of TAO- Secrets of a Top Grossing Restaurant


TAO: the process of nature by which all things change and which is to be followed for a life of harmony (  Tao (pronounced “dao”) means literally “the path” or “the way.” It is a universal principle that underlies everything from the creation of galaxies to the interaction of human beings. The workings of Tao are vast and often beyond human logic. In order to understand Tao, reasoning alone will not suffice. One must also apply intuition. What’s it like to oversee the kitchens at the highest grossing independent restaurant in America? We’ll ask Ralph Scamardella, Executive Chef and Partner for […]

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Tannat’s the Night- A Love Affair with Uruguay Wines

One of the things we enjoy about hosting our radio show is taking our listeners and followers to regions of the world where great wine and food are produced. We are passionate travelers and- as we like to say- insatiably curious. Last week we “traveled” to Greece to taste wines and talk with Chef Maria Loi (Proprietor of NYC’s Loi Estiatorio and Co-Author of “The Greek Diet”) and Vintner Yiannis Voyatzis, (Boutari Vineyards and Director of New Wines of Greece). If you missed the live interview you can listen on iHeart anytime at this link. This week we will “virtually” travel […]

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Maria Loi – Greece’s Culinary Ambassador- May 13 TCT Live

Strolling West 58th Street recently I peeked into Loi Estiatorio, a sliver of a restaurant owned by renowned Greek chef, Maria Loi. “Peeked” is an understatement. Maria was at the entrance and welcomed me in for a visit with her at the bar. It was pre-service, so the restaurant was quiet (for a short time). Maria offered me a selection of Greek wine plus a delicious Feta-Greek yogurt dip with hard crackers. When I told her I wanted to learn how to make yogurt she went back to her kitchen and brought me a printout of her recipe plus a small bowl […]

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How’s Bayou! Chef David Guas- May 6- The Connected Table

May 4, 2015 – David Ransom and I have a special place in our hearts for New Orleans, the city where we were married in 2007. That’s why it’s a treat to have native New Orleanian David Guas on our May 6th show. This Harley-riding southern chef brought his love for New Orleans up the road North to Arlington, VA, where he owns and operates the Bayou Bakery Coffee Bar & Eatery. A second  location opened this month in an historic carriage house on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Both offer discerning eaters a range of comforting options in a leisurely, rustic, counter-service hangout. […]

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Early Years of JBF Awards Remembered

May 4, 2015 – The 25th annual James Beard Foundation Awards take place tonight in Chicago.  This year is the first time the Awards have taken place away from the Foundation’s home base of New York City. It’s also the first time I’ve written my own personal remembrances about the start of The James Beard Foundation Awards and my significant role from the beginning and for more than 16 years. Looking back is bittersweet and filled with pride at the history we made and the lives we impacted. Keeping in mind that the history of the Awards in those early years […]

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A Man and His Ham- Allan Benton

posted by Melanie Young In Tennessee we have special terms to measure distance like “yonder,” “up the road” and “down a ways.” This can mean anything from a short drive or a long haul. Just up the road about an hour or so drive north of my hometown Chattanooga, Tennessee, is Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Ham in Madisonville. Some of the nation’s best country ham and bacon comes this relatively small facility in operation since 1947. It’s easy to pass by the unassuming building  when you’re driving along the highway. But you’ll never pass up a serving of Benton’s ham and bacon once […]

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A Visit with Sonoma’s Ted Seghesio

Fourth generation owner and winemaker Ted Seghesio will be our guest April 29th on on the Connected Table LIVE! 2pm ET and   Founded in 1895, Seghesio Family Vineyards is one of Sonoma County’s most enduring legacies. Built from years of growing grapes for making bulk wines to be finished by others, Seghesio only started labeling wine under their own name with the 1983 vintage. Yet, with a family history of grape and wine production in California that goes back to the 1800s, Seghesio is one of the few names in American wine that can honestly say they’ve “seen it […]

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Food Politics with Marion Nestle- The Connected Table LIVE April 22

When the latest research on a food or nutrition comes out….when the U.S. Government shifts left, right or sideways on a topic concerning food or nutrition policy…..or when a journalist wants an authoritative quote from a respected and reliable source….Marion Nestle is on speed dial. Time Magazine included her Twitter among its top 10 in health and science; Michael Pollan ranked her as the #2 most powerful foodie in America (after Michelle Obama), and Mark Bittman ranked her #1 in his list of foodies to be thankful for. And we are honored to have Marion Nestle on The Connected Table […]

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Talking Irish Whiskey with Stephen Teeling, The Connected Table LIVE! – April 15

With a history of making spirits that dates back to the 1700’s, Stephen Teeling’s family has probably done more to shape the concept of what we call Irish Whiskey than any other family in Ireland. Now the Teeling family is about to open Dublin’s first new distillery in over 125 years, bringing the legacy of his family’s long relationship with his country’s spirit of choice full circle. Located in Newmarket, an area of Dublin long associated with brewing and distilling, the new Teeling Distillery features three copper pot stills, reviving a format for distilling based on the old “Dublin style” of making […]

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Award Winning Broadcaster Jennifer English on The Connected Table LIVE! April 15th

The table is always the liveliest where Jennifer English is seated.  One of our favorite – and most articulate- food and wine radio personalities, Jennifer joins us on The Connected Table LIVE! April 15th, to dish. The conversation will certainly be lively and varied! Jennifer is a multi-award winning broadcaster whom we first came to know as founder and host of the Food & Wine Radio Network. Her in-depth interviews and intellectual musings on the craft, history and culture of all areas of food and drink have earned Jennifer the prestigious Gracie Allen Award from The Foundation of American Women in […]

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